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To those who are considering selling land or housing

If you are thinking of selling or renting real estate (land, buildings) in the Shimokita area centered on Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture, please contact CS Home.

We support customer attraction advertisements, contracts, loan consultations, and delivery.


≪Contract record≫

<H30.9> Ominatoshincho Second-hand property

<H30.9> Sakuragicho ( rental / sale )

* Sakuragicho is treated as a rental property.

If you are considering purchasing, please contact us.

<H30.9> Plandor rental

<H30.9> yoshida H1 for rent

<H30.9> Showa Town Second-hand property

<H30> Facility new construction

<H30.9> Omagari New Housing

<H30.10> Newly built house in Kuriyama Town

<H30.11> Kawamoricho Second-hand property

<H30.11> Honey House Queen 2-F

<H30.11> Tanabu New Housing

<H30.12> Honey House Queen 2-E

<H30.12> Central store property brokerage


<H30.12> Omagari New Housing

<H31.1> H23 yoshida

<H31.1> Kanamagari New Housing

(Notice of holding a tour)

(State of the tour)

<H31.3> New construction of Tanabu warehouse

<H30.4> Yokomukaimachi new construction

<H31.6> Yamada Town New Housing

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