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To those who are considering selling land or housing

If you are thinking of selling or renting real estate (land, buildings) in the Shimokita area centered on Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture, please contact CS Home.

We will help you to the end while consulting with the person in charge.

≪Flow until sale≫

① Real estate appraisal

・ We will have a meeting with our staff about the real estate you want to sell and decide the selling price of the real estate.

② Mediation contract

・ When the real estate appraisal is over and you request intermediation to CS Home, you will be asked to conclude an intermediary contract.

③ Creation of advertising paper

・ We will create an advertising paper that summarizes the property information.

→ Example: Advertising paper sample

➃ Internet advertising

・ We will widely disseminate information via the Internet.

<List of sites to advertise on CS Home>

・ In-house HP

・ Mutsu City Real Estate Navi

・ House Mitsu

・ Equiten

・ PRtree

・ SNS etc.

* The above online media is created by in-house staff.

Therefore, we are currently free of charge to attract customers through online media.

⑤ Information

・ We will inform you when we receive inquiries from everyone who has viewed the property.

* It may take some time to adjust the schedule etc. at the time of guidance.

⑥ Real estate sales contract

・ If you wish to purchase real estate, please sign a real estate sales contract.

* Please ask the person in charge for the necessary procedures for contracting.

⑦ Delivery of real estate

・ Settle the price and transfer the ownership of the real estate, hand over the keys, etc., and the procedure will be completed.

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