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CS Home proposes a home that suits the environment.

We are a construction real estate company that comprehensively accepts community-based custom-built housing, real estate sales brokerage, and introduction of rental properties, mainly in Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture.

CS Home was founded in 2002, and since then, we have continued our efforts to "provide good things to our customers and provide a comfortable and secure home after living."

As a result, we will continue to work on it, putting the highest priority on customer satisfaction.

14-30 Nakacho, Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture 035-0062

CS Home Co., Ltd.

representativeDirector Takato Kudo

Regular holiday: Every Sunday

Business hours: 9:00 to 17:00 

TEL: 0175-33-3253

FAX: 0175-33-3257


  * In many cases, we are out outside business hours and on Saturdays.

Therefore, please contact us from the inquiry (email).

[Sales position]

General construction business / residential land and building transaction business

Construction Industry Governor of Aomori Prefecture (General-29) No. 60929

Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Governor of Aomori Prefecture (4) No. 3099

1. New housing / construction

2. Reform

3. Land and building sales brokerage,

4. Rental business, etc.

【Company formation】

Established in November 2002


10 million yen


e-house builder (Tohoku Electric Power recommended construction shop)

FAS construction method registered construction shop certification number 5263

JIO Japan Housing Guarantee Inspection Organization Registered Contractor

Trademark Tamageta House Registration No. 5248178

Aomori Prefecture Excellent Housing Association 0201-3317


Reasons for choosing CS Home

All-electric recommended

Highly airtight and highly insulated house

"People" and "houses" in all-electric homes

"Environmentally friendly" healthy housing! !!

Creating a house that matches the climate of Mutsu City

I propose.

In Japan, where there are many disasters, it is indispensable to build houses that match the environment and climate.

Ground surveys and improvements to respond to earthquakes

That's right, it is important to restore the lifeline in the event of a disaster.

All-electric homes are mainly "electricity" and are said to have a high risk in the event of a disaster, but in reality, electricity is the fastest to recover among "electricity", "water services" and "gas".

In addition, water can be secured by using the water in the "EcoCute" tank as domestic water.

Comfortable for residents, all-electric

We are proposing.

★ What is a FAS house? Click ★

Experienced staff

Firm support

CS Home is a "customer" with "sales staff" and "design and construction staff"

Build a safe and secure home.

To build a house

There are various processes such as "land search", "mortgage procedure / land / building registration procedure at a bank", and "housing" planning. Nobody knows how to schedule a house to build, so I don't think it's easy to move forward.

So at CS Home

In addition to "land search", "mortgage consultation, fund calculation / procedure placement", "land / building registration placement", etc., we also offer consultation on construction plans (layouts, equipment, etc.) and provide solid support. I will do it.

We will do our best to help each and every customer be happy.

Shimokita area (mutsu)

Widely supports the center

We are in charge of a wide range of areas in Aomori prefecture, mainly in the Shimokita area (Mutsu city), so if you have any minor problems, we would appreciate it if you could contact us first.

Please feel free to contact us as we will support customers such as new construction / construction / extension / renovation / remodeling / real estate sales.

We also offer consultations such as wanting to sell a house.

We will make use of "Mutsu City Real Estate Navi", "Special page in our website", and SNS (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) so that we can sell it early so that it will be known to many customers.

* Since our company's website is created by our in-house staff, we offer "free" advertisements on the Internet.

This is because we aim to reduce the burden on our customers and reduce advertising costs.

New construction / design / extension / renovation / real estate (land / building) sales / rental

If you want to build a house in Mutsu, please contact CS Home.

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