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New construction completion tour


June 29th (Sat), June 30th (Sun), 1st year of Reiwa

July  6th (Sat) July  7th (Sun)

10: 00-16: 30

Location: 3-5-45 Kanamagari, Mutsu City

(The map is below.)

CS Home Co., Ltd.

Contact: 0175-33-3253

Direct: 080-5229-0702 Person in charge: Yoshida

Email form: Click here

* Congestion is expected on the day of the tour.

If you make a reservation in advance, you can visit without waiting

I can do it.

* You may not be able to answer the phone because it is being handled.

I have. In that case, the mail form is recommended.

Invitation to a new construction completion tour

Thanks to the kindness of the owner, we will hold a completion tour for 2 consecutive weeks! !!

The building you are visiting this time has a solid and calm atmosphere with a black exterior. The outer wall coating (micro guard) has a "self-cleaning function" that removes dirt with rain, and you can expect the beauty of the house to continue.

Please take this opportunity to see the new construction of CS Home! !!

Storage space, easy housework

Wife's feelings house

≪Highlights of the tour≫

金曲 玄関扉

A large number of shelves are installed so that the shoe closet can be fully placed!

More convenient with working shelves! !!

It's a storage space that makes families happy.

The entrance door is made of gateau acacia, combined with the outer wall, to make it calm.

When opening the door, a smart control key is used, and when you hold the card key (seal key) over it, it is unlocked and you can enter and exit smoothly.

IMG_0493 (2).JPG
IMG_0495 (3).JPG

The tatami mats are light cherry blossoms! It became a cute Western-style room. Not only is it cute, but it is also made from machine-made Japanese paper and coated with resin, so it is effective in fading, mold growth, mite growth, and water repellency.

The interior has a white floor to make the space look wider, and accents (brown) are added with fittings.

By tightening with accents, a beautiful space will expand!

IMG_0497 (2).JPG
IMG_0499 (2).JPG

Cupboard with steam discharge unit.

A pantry that is convenient for storage.

The kitchen is unified with loose dull brine color.

The drawer is equipped with a silent rail that closes smoothly!

With IH specifications, washing with water makes you feel a gentle stream of water with a micro soft shower. In addition, the hose can be expanded and contracted, so it seems that you can play an active part in your wife's housework!

IMG_0498 (2).JPG
IMG_0503 (2).JPG

​The bathtub door is a neat hinged door, so it's easy to open and close and clean! !!

IMG_0507 (2).JPG

The bathroom is equipped with a relaxing floor! The heat-insulating cushion layer is effective for a quick hit in winter. The texture is soft and does not hurt even if you kneel! !! I'm glad that the floor is dry the next morning.

Easy to clean! !!

IMG_0508 (2).JPG
IMG_0513 (3).JPG

The makeup mirror is a three-sided mirror and can be stored inside by opening the door. You can prevent things from overflowing!

The wash bowl is equipped with a "slide bowl" that makes it easy for hair to flow.

Adopt a solarium to support your wife's housework! !!

Things that can be dried without moving from the washing machine sell well.

IMG_0511 (2).JPG
IMG_0501 (2).JPG
IMG_0520 (2).JPG
IMG_0518 (3).JPG

I attached a mirror to the storage door in the children's room.

The master bedroom is 8 tatami mats and has a walk-in closet that can be stored comfortably next to it.

IMG_0521 (3).JPG

Information on new construction completion tour

2019.   6/29 (Sat) 30 (Sun)

  7/6  (soil)  The 7th)

Location: 3-5-45 Kanamagari, Mutsu City

Time: 10: 00-16: 30


Click here to apply for a new construction completion tour

CS Home Co., Ltd.

Please apply by phone or email.

TEL: 0175-33-3253

Tour guide direct: 080-5229-0702 Person in charge: Yoshida

* You may not be able to answer the phone because it is being handled.

If you send it by e-mail, the person in charge will contact you.

* Congestion is expected on the day of the tour. If you can book in advance, you can in your tour not kept you waiting.

* You can visit on weekdays, but please note that it will be a complete reservation.

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