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Overall flow

Home building schedule

1. Hearing

Please contact us at CS Home for your desired land and housing. We will introduce the ones that are close to the conditions.

2. Land search

"School district" "location" "price" etc.

Let's search for the desired land together.

3. Fund calculation

We will propose a reasonable plan considering what happens after you live.

If you use a mortgage, we will also tell you the repayment amount and the expenses of each bank.

* We will help you apply for a mortgage at CS Home free of charge.

4. Rough plan

Imagine what kind of house you want

Of course it's free!

5. Land sales contract / building contract contract

Confirm what kind of content and restrictions the land has and make a contract.

We also make a contract for the building.

6. Plan application

Decide on your favorite floor plan / building plan.

Apply for building confirmation.

We will also propose interior and exterior equipment!

7. Bank procedures

If you want to use a mortgage, apply for this-money loan agreement

* We will help you at CS Home. Please choose for me!

8. Ground survey / improvement

We will investigate and improve the ground of the land to be actually built.

Improvement work will be carried out based on the survey results.

9. Foundation construction started

We will carry out foundation work to support the building.

* Upon request, we also assist with the groundbreaking ceremony before the foundation construction starts.

10. Upper building

I will assemble the pillars of the house.

The shape of the building will be completed little by little, and I'm looking forward to its completion.

11. Construction completed

The building will be completed and we will prepare for moving.

* You will be required to settle the charges and carry out procedures for preserving ownership.

12. Delivery

You will receive a description of the building and receive the key.

I hope you enjoy your future life.

Above all, we are happy to see everyone smiling at CS Home!

New construction / design / extension / renovation / real estate (land / building) sales / rental

If you want to build a house in Mutsu, please contact CS Home.

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