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<Those looking from the land>

We look for a wide range of land, such as our own land and land through intermediaries.

Please leave it to us!

Land search flow


Please tell us what kind of location you want to live in. We will ask you various questions such as "close to your parents' house", "school district", "land size", "price", etc., and search for the best land.

Find the land of your choice

Introducing land through mediation as well as own property

Approaching the landowner, etc.

Find the land that suits your needs.

In addition, the actual location of the land, etc.

Please check.

Land decision

Confirmation of land information, land that meets your wishes, etc.

If you consult with your family and find a really good place,

The owner will make the decision.

Land contract

If you find the land you want,

Please indicate your intention to purchase.

At the time of contract, such as contract and explanation of important matters

Please receive an explanation and confirm.

* If you are planning cash payment or mortgage, please contact the person in charge!

We will help you with the payment flow, how to make a loan, and the payment method.

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