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Property Information > Property Name Higashidori Shiranuka

Property name / Higashidori Village Shiranuka Detached house

​second hand


Higashidori Shiranuka

Price 5.8 million yen

☆ Recommended points of the property ☆

1. You can use the land extensively with 132 tsubo! With shed

2. It will be a 13-year-old second-hand house, and it seems that it can be relaxed with 42 tsubo.

3. Comes with a storage shed, so it's useful for storage!

4. Currently vacant house. Please contact us if you would like to visit.

■ Supporting customer remodeling at CS Home ■

If you would like to remodel the property, please contact CS Home.

Please feel free to contact our sales staff for details.

◆ Property name: Higashidori Village Shiranuka Detached house

◆ Location: 44-1 Gebazaka, Shiranuka, Higashidori-mura, Shimokita-gun

◆ Price: 5.8 million yen

◆ Land area: 437.7㎡ (approx. 132 tsubo)

◆ Building area: 140.36㎡ (approx. 42 tsubo)

◆ School district: Higashidori Elementary School / Higashidori Junior High School

◆ Rights: Ownership

◆ City planning: outside the area

◆ Building coverage ratio / floor area ratio:-% / ---%

◆ Delivery: Consultation

◆ Transaction mode: Mediation

◆ Current situation: Empty house

​Ground​ figure


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Location: 14-30 Nakacho, Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture

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In addition, although we can also respond by phone , the inquiry form is convenient because we may not be able to contact you because the person in charge is out of the office.

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