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"A relaxing house with plenty of space"


≪Appearance featuring bright blue using Nichiha's metal siding≫

■ By using an outer wall material with excellent "durability and heat insulation", the life is about 3 to 6 times longer than that of general galvanized steel sheets. In addition, the heat shield has high solar reflectance, which has the effect of significantly reducing the rise in indoor temperature.

■ "Seismic performance" Weight is as light as 1/10 of mortar, reducing the burden on the building!

■ "Sound insulation performance" High sound insulation due to the thickness of the outer wall material of 18 mm!

■ "Freezing damage resistance" coating By using highly rot resistant GL-plated steel sheet, it does not absorb moisture and is safe even in cold regions!


We have set up a "windbreak room" to prevent the inflow of outside air so that you can go out with peace of mind even in the rain, wind, or snow.

■ The entrance door with a natural wooden design inside the windbreak room! We are creating a slightly rough and warm space.

■ The door uses a heat insulating door. By insulating the opening, you can live comfortably.


■ The entrance is equipped with niches and counters to place interiors, etc., and welcomes visitors "in their own way".

■ Shelves for shoes and clothes are provided for storage, and the area around the entrance is always clean! !!

■ Before going out, the point is that you can get dressed with the mirror attached to the storage door.


■ The floor (top gray color) has a soft wood grain! Accent at the door (Dal Brown)! The large living room provides a relaxing space where you can relax in your house.

■ By raising the ceiling and showing the beams, it looks great!

■ Living IN stairs have the advantage of facilitating family communication. Also, it's nice to have a visual effect that makes the space feel wider.


■ Three tatami mats have been set up so that the washroom can be widely used. By raising the window (Katagarasu), it becomes a bright space. In addition, it is recommended to use the space under the stairs to store bath products! !!

■ We pay attention to the flow of housework so that we can enter and exit from both the living room and the kitchen.

■ The bath is 1.25 tsubo and can be used extensively. You can look forward to the bath time in a relaxing space. Single-sided bathroom doorCan be opened and closed easily, and it looks good !!!


■ A sealing fan can be installed on the stairs to circulate air and adjust the room temperature.

■ Each room is accented with your favorite wallpaper, and the niche is cute.

■ A walk-in closet is adjacent to the master bedroom, making it convenient for storing clothes and daily necessities. By parallelizing the shelves (with pipes) to the wall,It can be separated as a dedicated space for each couple.


​We will prepare construction examples from time to time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Building / design / real estate (land / building) buying / selling / renting! Please contact us.

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