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Featured Property: Land (in preparation)


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Land area ㎡ (approx. Tsubo)


Featured Property: Rent


Property name H23 yoshida

☆ ★ (complete !! in 2018. April 27, 2009), Aomori Prefecture Mutsu Shinmachi to the newly built apartment appeared! !! Because it is a new building, it is very comfortable to live in. Also, it is recommended because you can live with your dog! !! A location that is easy to live in, close to commercial facilities ☆ ★

Why don't you take this opportunity to enjoy your new life at a rental property where you can live with your favorite dog?

Location: 10-7 Shinmachi, Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture
Floor plan: 1LDK (6 rooms), 2LDK (4 rooms) 10 rooms in total

1LDK 68,000 yen / month

2LDK 78,000 yen / month

★ Free storage for 1 car in the parking lot ★ All-electric ★ IH cooking heater ★ Unit bath ★ 1 air conditioner ★ Snow melting in the parking lot ★


CS Home Co., Ltd.

Location: 14-30 Nakacho, Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture


If you have any requests for [inquiries] or [site tours], please contact us using the inquiry form below.

In addition, although we can also respond by phone, the inquiry form is convenient because we may not be able to contact you because the person in charge is out of the office.

​* Although it is not listed above, please contact us as we have information on other lands and buildings.

Building / design / real estate (land / building) buying / selling / renting! Please contact us.

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