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"Warm house with wood grain"

シーエスホーム 建物外観.JPG


Appearance with outstanding wood grain

have become.

Base outer wall and window frame,

By unifying the gables etc. to white, it looks well-balanced.

The wood grain patternYou can feel the warmth! !!

シーエスホーム 風除室.JPG

≪Wind vestibule≫

Rainy or snowy days, etc.

If there is a windbreak room,

You can do it a little slowly!

シーエスホーム カウンター.JPG
シーエスホーム 玄関収納.JPG
シーエスホーム カウンター (2).JPG

≪Entrance storage≫

In the shoe closet, there are shelves where you can put your shoes.

We have installed shelves with pipes so that you can hang clothes.

The tiles are laid out, so you can store external items perfectly.

≪Display shelf≫

Hobbies, books, etc. in the corridor

The shelves that can be placed are fashionable!

シーエスホーム LDK.JPG
シーエスホーム リビング.JPG
シーエスホーム ダイニング.JPG
シーエスホーム キッチン.JPG


The natural colors are beautifully organized.

You will want to relax in a relaxing room!

Storage under the stairs is ideal for effective use of space. It's easy to use.

シーエスホーム 階段収納.JPG
シーエスホーム 階段下収納.JPG
シーエスホーム 脱衣所.JPG
シーエスホーム お風呂.JPG

≪Changing room≫ A dressing room with a vanity, a laundry pan, a convenient counter for drying clothes, and a full range of dressing rooms! The tiled floor is cute!

≪Bath≫ Soak in the bathtub and take a break from the tiredness of the day. Warm to the core of your body! !!

≪Sunroom≫ Make your family's laundry into a sunroom. You can dry a lot. You may skip the laundry a little.

≪Toilet≫ The toilet space is slightly different from the others, and it looks like concrete! It looks like another space, good! !!

シーエスホーム サンルーム.JPG
シーエスホーム トイレ.JPG
シーエスホーム 主寝室.JPG

≪Master bedroom / Children's room≫

Walk-in closet in the spacious master bedroom!

The dog's footprints are cute on the door of each room!

シーエスホーム 洋室1.JPG
シーエスホーム 洋室2.JPG

​We will prepare construction examples from time to time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Building / design / real estate (land / building) buying / selling / renting! Please contact us.

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