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​[Modern style house]

⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(外観、カーポート)

The exterior is white-based and modern.

The white base makes the house brighter.

In addition, we made effective use of the site and arranged the parking lot etc. in a convenient manner.

The entrance has an eaves that you can rest assured even on rainy days, and you can go in and out without rushing.

Considering the windows so that the light and wind can reach the room sufficiently, we chose windows with high heat insulation to prevent heat from escaping.

⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(玄関)
⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(外観、玄関)
⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(カーポート)

For 2 carports that can protect your precious car from rain and snow

deployed. It is also ideal for getting on and off the car on a rainy day.

In addition, the wooden deck will be an accent to the exterior, and it will be a place of relaxation.

⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(ウッドデッキ)

The interior is matched with the exterior, and the floor with a natural color is used for the white base! !! It became a warm room.

In addition, because it is a FAS house specification (highly airtight and highly insulated), the room is warm and you can live with peace of mind.

⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(リビング)
⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(室内LDK)

Easy to clean around the kitchen in an all-electric home.

We also created a living-in staircase so that you can always see the faces of your family.

(The stairs and corridors of the FAS house will be warmer, and the temperature difference will be smaller throughout the house.)

Spacious LDK! !! Designed to separate the dining room from the living room.

In addition, by providing two entrances and exits for the Japanese-style room, movement will be smooth.

⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(ダンニングキッチン)
⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(2階階段ホール、棚) 

We have set up a small work space on the second floor.

It's convenient for family work.

​We will prepare construction examples from time to time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Building / design / real estate (land / building) buying / selling / renting! Please contact us.

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