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金谷新築 外壁.jpg

New construction completion tour


February 1st (Sat) and February 2nd (Sun), 2nd year of Reiwa

10: 00-17: 00

Location: 1-chome, Kanaya, Mutsu-shi

(The map is below.)

CS Home Co., Ltd.

Contact: 0175-33-3253

Direct: 080-5229-0702 Person in charge: Yoshida

Email form: Click here

* Congestion is expected on the day of the tour.

If you make a reservation in advance, you can visit without waiting

I can do it.

* You may not be able to answer the phone because it is being handled.

I have. In that case, the mail form is recommended.

Invitation to a new construction completion tour

★ ☆ We will hold a completion tour with the kindness of the owner ☆ ★

The calm appearance and the wood grain accent around the entrance

It has a good taste.

We have devised ideas so that it is easy to use indoors. ​​

Please take this opportunity to see the all-electric new construction tour of CS Home! !!

A calm house that is conscious of the flow of housework

≪Highlights of the tour≫

金谷新築 外壁.jpg

It has a calm appearance, and the accent on the exterior wall of the solid siding will make the family feel relieved when they return home! !!


The floor is white and the doors are dull brown to make the space look wider and give it a luxurious feel.

The Western-style room uses gray cherry-colored tatami mats and matches the color of the wallpaper.

A gentle space is created.

Many sliding doors and hanging doors are used for the doors, and by shortening the flow of housework, the burden of moving the wife is reduced.


The kitchen area is enriched with kitchen panels, counters, faucets, wallpaper, and usability and appearance.

The dining kitchen where families gather is a cozy space.

There is no doubt that you can enjoy your daily cooking! !! I'm looking forward to it.


We choose a better plan for the baths we use every day so that we can relax. The bathroom panel is good! !!

Cushion floors and wallpapers around other water are also cute! If you notice it, you will probably stay for a long time .



A study, walk-in closet, and bookshelf are installed in the master bedroom. The study is open, but you can create a different space by changing the color of the wallpaper.

By enlarging the hall on the 2nd floor, you can use it at any time (sunroom, family space, etc.).

Information on new construction completion tour

2020.   2/1 (Sat) 2/2 (Sun)

Location: 1-chome, Kanaya, Mutsu-shi

Hours: 10: 00-17: 00


Click here to apply for a new construction completion tour

CS Home Co., Ltd.

Please apply by phone or email.

TEL: 0175-33-3253

Tour guide direct: 080-5229-0702 Person in charge: Yoshida

* You may not be able to answer the phone because it is being handled.

If you send it by e-mail, the person in charge will contact you.

* Congestion is expected on the day of the tour. If you can book in advance, you can in your tour not kept you waiting.

* You can visit on weekdays, but please note that it will be a complete reservation.

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