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​[House with a colonnade]

⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(キッチン)

By putting the interior in white, the space looks wider.


Built in a FAS house, it is a highly airtight and highly insulated construction method that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter! !!

By using artificial marble for the counter and sink in the kitchen, daily maintenance is easy.

By providing a stairwell at the top of the living room on the first floor, the space will be bright even if the curtains on the first floor are closed.

The FAS house controls the temperature through the wall throughout the house, so it goes perfectly with the atrium! !!

⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(リビング)
⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(洗面化粧台)

The washroom has plenty of storage space and a space under the counter so that you can sit down and work.

The bathtub door is a single sliding door for easy cleaning.

Match the color of the interior of your house with the white bathroom panel! !!

Gives a clean impression.

The bathtub is a water-saving type to save water charges.

The shower is a slide bar that can be changed according to your height! !!

⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(浴室、浴槽)
⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(渡廊下)

A corridor has been set up in the atrium so that you can get a panoramic view of Mutsu City.

You can see the sea and mountains and feel the changes of the four seasons! !!

Taking advantage of the atrium of about 9 tatami mats, we have set up a passageway.

A sealing fan is attached to improve the efficiency of air conditioning.

⑧	シーエスホームの新築施工例(吹き抜け)

​We will prepare construction examples from time to time. Thank you for your cooperation.

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