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In addition to the land price and building price , the funds required to purchase a house include "miscellaneous expenses ".

Expenses include various procedures, fees, insurance expenses, etc. that are incurred when purchasing land and buildings.

Collectively, they are called "expenses".

★ Housing purchase funds are a general term for “land price” + “building price” + “miscellaneous expenses” ★

◆ Various expenses (necessary items) ① ~ ⑦

① Registration of transfer of land ownership

② Registration of preservation of ownership of the building

③ Registration of building title

➃ Revenue stamp fee

⑤ Brokerage fee

⑥ Fire insurance / earthquake insurance premiums

⑦ Liquidation of property taxes, etc.

◆ Those who take out a mortgage ⑧ ~ ⑪ are also required

⑧ Mortgage setting registration

⑨ Mortgage administration fee

⑩ Mortgage guarantee fee

⑪ Group credit life insurance premiums

(Details of expenses)

① and ② are called "real estate registration".

It is not apparent who owns the land or building.

That would be a problem because you couldn't claim ownership to another third party.

Set up "real estate registration" so that such a thing does not become a problem.

If you set up a real estate registration, you can claim and prove that you own the property.

You can live with peace of mind.


③ "Registration of building title" is for newly built buildings

What kind of location, what kind of structure, how much building size (floor area)

Information such as is not recorded in the registry office.

As a result, when constructing a new building, it is necessary to register and record the above information.

➃ What is the stamp fee?

It is a "tax" that is levied by attaching a "revenue stamp" to a "taxable document" and postmarking it.

"Taxable document"

"Real estate sales contract" to conclude a sales contract for real estate (land / building)

"Building contract contract" when ordering (contracting) the construction of a building,

It will be a "loan agreement" when you make a mortgage.

The brokerage fee for ⑤ is

Mediation of real estate sales, etc. (to enter between sellers and buyers and assist in proper sales)

It will be a fee to the real estate company when you do.

⑥ What is fire insurance / earthquake insurance?

If a building is damaged by a fire, you will be covered by insurance.

The range and amount of fire insurance covered varies depending on the plan.

⑦ Property tax, etc.

This is a tax on those who own land or buildings on January 1st every year.

Of the funds for new construction, the main thing is to settle the property tax of "land".

For second-hand properties, etc., it is necessary to settle the property tax of "land" and "building".

* Property tax, etc. means "property tax" and "city planning tax".

⑧ What is a mortgage?

When you make a mortgage, you will set up a mortgage with "land and building" as collateral.

In the unlikely event that the loan cannot be repaid, the "land and building" will be auctioned.

The proceeds of the sale will be used for repayment.

Once the mortgage is set, it will be listed in the "Registration".

⑨ and ⑩ are

Bank administration fees and guarantee fees are required when making a mortgage.

Administrative fees and guarantee fees vary depending on each bank.

* CS Home will make a total estimate of these financial plans.

I think it's difficult to understand the bank procedures, etc.

Coordinating schedules with banks and presenting necessary documents,

We will help reduce the burden on the buyer.

⑪ "Group credit life insurance"

When you die or have a severe disability due to illness while paying a mortgage

The mortgage loan balance will be liquidated.

By joining here, you can protect the lives of your family.

* For Danshin, the subscription conditions, payment amount, interest rate, etc. will change depending on the plan.


Generally, 10% of the land and building price is a guide.

* This is just a guide, so it may change depending on the customer's request.

"At CS Home, we will calculate the funds first. For those who take out a loan, such as monthly payment amount, etc.

We will listen to various requests and propose a reasonable planning. "


Other things that change depending on the buyer

Ground improvement (necessary depending on the ground survey results),

It will be exterior construction and interior costs.

Seas Home will provide total support including the above financial plans.

Real estate brokerage, building contracting, bank placement, etc.

Please feel free to contact us! !!

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